Sunday 19 November 2017

Bitty Data Logger 3.1.0

Bitty Data Logger 3.1.0 provides more ways to export and share data captured with the app. Previously, data was exported by uploading it to the free of charge, 3rd party service. There have been reports that this service is becoming unreliable and that it may even be shut down and so this new release is a response and solution to that issue.

On Android devices you may now export by:
1. Using your device's Share facility, using the application of your choice. Google Drive and email are good choices.
2. Saving to the local Downloads folder on your device. You can find it using the Google Downloads app on your device and then open it using a suitable app or share it using Android Share.
3. Copy and Paste. Copy your data to the clipboard and then paste it into a suitable destination like a new email.
4. FTP - use the File Transfer Protocol to transfer your data file to an FTP server which you have access to.
5. HTTP - use multi-part HTTP upload to the web server of your choice. This is the direct replacement for the upload facility in previous releases. Specify a URL of "" to continue to use, but be aware of the issues with this service described above.

On iOS devices, (1) Share, (3) Copy and Paste and (5) HTTP are available.

You are advised to uninstall the current version and then install the new version for best results.

Happy logging!

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