The Bluetooth® Developer Meetup #1

This meetup took place on 15th October 2020.


1. Speaker: Jacky Cheung, Google

Lessons Learned with using Bluetooth Low Energy in Wearables

The cost of integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) into consumer electronics has dropped significantly over the years. With all the promising features introduced in Bluetooth 5.X, Bluetooth LE has become the de-facto connectivity solution for wearables.

This talk will present lessons learned with using Bluetooth Low Energy in wearable projects.  It highlights some of the key design considerations and offers some practical tips to balance between speed and power consumption, which are particularly important for wearable devices. 

2. Speaker: Kevin Picchi, Samsung

Kevin Picchi is a Developer advocate at Samsung Internet, based in London.
He’s passionate about web technologies, emerging tech, and enjoy sharing his knowledge.
Contact him over LinkedIn:

The Love story between the Web and Bluetooth

The Web has been around before I was even born, since its creation the Web has grown bigger, always evolves and gets blessed with new capabilities. The capability that brings me here today is Web Bluetooth.

Just imagine controlling a drone through a web page without even having to download a native app, not having to update it, a quick refresh of the page and done.

Well this is possible since the integration a few years since the integration of Web Bluetooth in most browsers. 

In this talk we are going to take a look how the relationship between Web and Bluetooth work. How it can make a difference and how to setup a basic communication between a web page and a Bluetooth device.

3. Speaker: Thea Aldrich, Foundries IO

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) OTA: or how I learned to stop worrying about spiders, snakes, hornets while building IoT devices on the Tech Farm

Building and deploying embedded devices in the real world isn’t as glamorous as the corporate demos would lead you to believe. A few years ago we set out to build a simple cow tracking and happiness device. Since then things have escalated. And what have we learned? It gets hot, it rains, there is a whole lot of walking and, to be honest, the cows don't ever seem to fully appreciate the effort. Then there are the spiders, snakes and hornets. We all know this story ends in pain. But does it?

In this presentation we’ll take you through the intensely scientific process of designing, building and deploying the latest version of our low cost, wirelessly connected farm automation and cow tracking system running’s Linux microPlatform (LmP) and Zephyr OS. All devices are now updateable over-the-air thanks to FoundriesFactory’s OTA functionality and OTA-DFU updates over Bluetooth LE from the Nordic NRF52840 based Reel Boards. No animals - other than humans - were harmed in the course of this project.

4. Speaker: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG

Advanced Bluetooth Technology - Under the APIs

Bluetooth technology has changed enormously since its initial release about twenty years ago. Communication can now take place over distances in excess of a kilometre. It’s twice as fast as it used to be and connectionless communication through broadcasting data to an unlimited number of receivers has become extremely versatile and powerful. Oh and did you know,  you can also create secure networks of tens of thousands of smart devices using Bluetooth technology? 

All of these advanced capabilities are there for developers to exploit. By examining subjects like data rates, range and reliability, this talk will provide a guided tour of the most interesting and advanced aspects of Bluetooth technology and how they work, under the APIs.