Friday 21 December 2018

AmsterdamJS Meetup

AmsterdamJS is a popular meetup for web developers, held regularly in.... you guessed it... Amsterdam. I was a speaker there on 6th December and gave a talk on Web Bluetooth with a little bit of Bluetooth mesh thrown in.

I *tried* to do a number of live demos... with mixed results! I was reliant on the event's very flaky Wi-Fi / internet connection, which unfortunately gave out on me and prevented me from showing my Bitty Software controller demo. I also got hit by a loose battery connection which stopped my first mesh demo working at the first attempt (and nearly gave me a heart attack!). After fiddling with the battery connector, it worked though. In fact the mesh demo worked mostly very well despite having traveled in the hold of the plane and having been very much bumped around. Anyway... here it is.

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