Sunday 23 April 2017

Bitty Data Logger 2.3

A new release of Bitty Data Logger from Bitty Software is now available for both Android and iOS. Check Google Play and the Apple App Store for the update.

This release aims to streamline the process of using the app for Bloodhound Race for the Line competition participants (see Key data may now be uploaded direct to the Bloodhound leader board after data has been collected.

Changes in this release are:

1. Data logging projects may now be designated as type 'Bloodhound Race for the Line' or 'Other'

2. Results from Bloodhound projects (rocket car races) may be uploaded directly to the Bloodhound Leader Board

3. Minimum and maximum acceleration in X, Y and Z directions are now recorded in results

4. Certain types of data in results may now be edited to correct mistakes prior to upload or posting to the Bloodhound Leader Board

It is recommended that you uninstall Bitty Data Logger and then install the new release from the application store.

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