Wednesday 28 October 2015

Qt World Summit and more

I'm speaking at lots of developer events through to the end of the year. The first in the current "wave" of events was the Qt World Summit in Berlin, an excellent conference for developers who work with the Qt framework for cross platform development. I had nearly an hour and filled it with lots of Qt and Bluetooth loveliness!

I was brave and tried to demonstrate *live* an Arduino controlled LED lighting matrix with a Bluetooth Low Energy interface all from a Qt application on my Android phone. Sadly the soldering had taken a bit of punishment and the demo failed spectacularly. The audience were great though. Nobody threw anything at me anyway :-)

You can watch the whole recorded session here:

Last week I was in Munich at the "IoT from Sensor to Cloud" conference talking about the Bluetooth roadmap. And next week I'm in Sweden speaking at Oredev.

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